Test Cover Image of:  Rom und Mailand in der Spätantike

Rom und Mailand in der Spätantike
Rome and Milan in Late Antiquity

Repräsentationen städtischer Räume in Literatur, Architektur und Kunst

Edited by: Therese Fuhrer
The multidisciplinary contributions to this collection of papers look at Rome as the cultural and Milan as the political capital in the 4th and 5th centuries. In the literature of the time both cities were perceived as spaces in which the political and clerical power struggles, and the political and cultural changes which were so important for the Latin West took place. The cities are thereby understood as “stages‎” upon which the world theatre of the politics of power, culture and the church was produced. The reconstruction of both “stage settings” is based on texts, inscriptions and archaeological remains.
Volume published in the new series of the Excellence Cluster Topoi New, multidisciplinary study The cities of Rome and Milan as cultural and political units in the 4th and 5th centuries

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