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Manuscript Cultures: Mapping the Field

Edited by: Jörg Quenzer, Dmitry Bondarev,  and Jan-Ulrich Sobisch
New series
Script and writing were among the most important inventions in human history, and until the invention of printing, the handwritten book was the primary medium of literary and cultural transmission. Although the study of manuscripts is already quite advanced for many regions of the world, no unified discipline of ‘manuscript studies’ has yet evolved which is capable of treating handwritten books from East Asia, India and the Islamic world equally alongside the European manuscript tradition. This book, which aims to begin the interdisciplinary dialogue needed to arrive at a truly systematic and comparative approach to manuscript cultures worldwide, brings together papers by leading researchers concerned with material, philological and cultural aspects of different manuscript traditions.
First volume of new series Studies in Manuscript Cultures Interdisciplinary groundwork on the global common cultural heritage Connected to an international research network

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Dmitry Bondarev, University of London, GB; Jörg B. Quenzer, University ofHamburg; Jan-Ulrich Sobisch, Copenhagen University, DEN.
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