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Spaces and Borders

Current Research on Religion in Central and Eastern Europe

Edited by: András Máté-Tóth and Cosima Rughinis
People observe and transgress religious borders when they relate with faith and other faiths, when they shape communities, when they make decisions.A group of researchers have joined an inquiry into the forces of religious closure and openness in present-day Central and Eastern Europe. The volume is a result of a research community constituted within the REVACERN project– Religion and Values in Central and Eastern Europe Research Network, supported by the 6th framework program of the European Union. Chapters are structured in three sections, focusing on individual experiences of religion and spirituality, on religious elites, and on the interaction of religion with politics. Sociology, political science and history are triangulated to render a clear understanding of the individual experiences of religion and secularity, and of the strategic choices of religious and political elites, taking readers along an exploration of religious identity and otherness.

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András Máté-Tóth, University of Szeged, Hungary; Cosima Rughiniş, University of Bucharest, Romania.
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