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Trauma y memoria cultural
Trauma and Cultural Memory: Latin America and Spain

Hispanoamérica y España

Edited by: Roland Spiller, Kirsten Mahlke and Janett Reinstädler
In collaboration with: Reinier Pérez-Hernández

Hispanic cultures are profoundly shaped by traumas caused by conquest, slavery, wars, dictatorship, guerilla rebellions, revolutions, migration, and exile. The contributions in this volume shed light on the correlations between violence and trauma as well as its (re)presentation in the media. In view of questions pertaining to cultural memory, the essays discuss texts, audiovisual genres, places of remembrance, architecture, museums, etc.

Contains contributions by:

Mónica Albizúrez, Hamburg (Germany); Aleida Assmann, Konstanz (Germany); Mauro Basaure, Santiago de Chile (Chile); Wolfgang Bongers, Santiago de Chile (Chile); Vittoria Borsò, Düsseldorf (Germany); Boris Cyrulnik, Toulon (France); Verena Dolle, Gießen (Germany); Wilfried Floeck, Gießen (Germany); Karen Genschow, Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Norah Giraldi Dei Cas, Lille (France); Leila Gómez, Boulder (United States); Ursula Hennigfeld, Düsseldorf (Germany); Dieter Ingenschay, Berlin (Germany); Ilse Logie, Gent (Belgium); Bruno López Petzoldt, Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil); Werner Mackenbach (Costa Rica); Kirsten Mahlke, Konstanz (Germany); Silvana Mandolessi, Leuven/Antwerp (Belgium); Celina Manzoni, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Jorge Monteleone, Buenos Aires (Argentina); María Teresa Navarrete, Gent (Belgium); Carolina Pizarro Cortés, Santiago de Chile (Chile); Sven Pötting, Dresden (Germany); Teresa Orecchia Havas, Caen (France); Janett Reinstädler, Saarbrücken (Germany); Karen Saban, Heidelberg (Germany); Vicente Sánchez-Biosca, Valencia (Spain); Javier Sánchez Zapatero, Salamanca (Spain); Estela Schindel, Frankfurt am Oder (Germany); Beatrice Schuchardt, Münster (Germany); Roland Spiller, Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Yasmin Temelli, Bochum (Germany); Lorena Verzero, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Lucero de Vivanco Roca Rey, Santiago de Chile (Chile); Ulrich Winter, Marburg (Germany); Michael Zeuske, Bonn (Germany).

Author Information

Roland Spiller, Universität Frankfurt/Main; Kirsten Mahlke, Universität Konstanz; Janett Reinstädler, Universität des Saarlandes.

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Audience: Academics (Spanish Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Social Sciences)