Test Cover Image of:  Die Juden im faschistischen Italien

Die Juden im faschistischen Italien
The Jews in Fascist Italy: History, Identity, and Persecution

Geschichte, Identität, Verfolgung

Translated by: Thomas Vormbaum and Loredana Melissari

This book presents the history of the Jews living in Fascist Italy. Starting with a survey of the political and social situation of Jews, it goes on to describe their progressive disenfranchisement, from the deprivation of rights to the deprivation of life– the latter of which occurred especially in collaboration between the Italian Social Republic (Salò) and German authorities, who became a de facto occupying power as of 1943.

  • Das Standardwerk zur Geschichte der Juden im faschistischen Italien, verfasst vom besten Kenner der Materie. Michele Sarfatti ist Leiter der Forschungseinrichtung "Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea" in Mailand.

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