Test Cover Image of:  Approaches to Metaphony in the Languages of Italy

Approaches to Metaphony in the Languages of Italy

Edited by: Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Kathrin Linke, and Marc van Oostendorp
This volume presents current work on a topic in Romance linguistics that still informs linguistic theory to this day: metaphony in the languages of Italy. Papers discuss fundamental research topics such as phonological opacity in the light of chain shifts, post-tonic harmony and consonant transparency, the role of morphosyntax in the typology of metaphony, the explanatory adequacy of feature-based versus element-based analyses, and the locus of metaphony in grammar. Other chapters present new experimental data, thus building a more accurate empirical foundation for the study of metaphony. We envision the volume to become a reference book not only for an updated descriptive survey of metaphonic patterns in Italy but also a thorough discussion of the challenges that metaphony poses for different (morpho)phonological theories. The book bridges the gap between descriptive works and theoretical thinking in the study of metaphony.

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F. Torres-Tamarit, VU Univ. and Meertens Institute, The Netherlands; K. Linke and M. van Oostendorp, Leiden Univ. and Meertens Inst.
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