Test Cover Image of:  Erscheinungsformen und Handhabungen Heiliger Schriften

Erscheinungsformen und Handhabungen Heiliger Schriften
Appearances and Usages of Holy Scriptures

Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Edited by: Joachim Friedrich Quack and Daniela Christina Luft
This study focuses on Holy Scriptures as material objects. What are the contexts for the appearances and the usages of these objects? Is there a difference between Holy Scriptures and other objects, and is it inevitably their sacred content that renders them holy? Interdisciplinary perspectives offer new incentives for understanding the material phenomenon of the ‘Holy Scriptures’.


"This volume provides a diverse but ultimately interesting collection of studies."Geert Lernout in: BMCR 2015.11.37

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Audience: Religious scholars, classics scholars, ethnologists, art historians