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The Mouton Atlas of Languages and Cultures

Vol. 1

Edited by: Gerd Carling

The notion of cultural aspects of language variation and change is a growing field. However, collective works on the current stance within this domain are still scarce. The Mouton Atlas of Languages and Cultures embraces a substantial part of the Eurasian continent and equips the reader to better observe, reconstruct and understand the impact of culture and cultural changes on language diversity and linguistic developments. Along the way, a fascinating range of interdisciplinary issues, from database encoding conventions to etymologies and cultural anthropology, are discussed.

Based on an extensive database assembled by Gerd Carling and her team in Lund, Sweden, the atlas presents typological and lexical data of more than 200 ancient and modern languages, many encoded for the very first time. Alongside classic maps, the atlas features new visualizations, such as polygons and network diagrams, which smartly illustrate complex linguistic patterns of borrowability, co-lexification and semantic evolution and thereby provide entirely new perspectives.

In collaboration with Acherdan Abregov, Elnur Aliyev, Leila Avidzba, Chundra Cathcart, Merab Chukhua, Sandra Cronhamn, Robert Farren, Johan Frid, Anne Goergens, Josine Greidanus, Teimuraz Gvantseladze, Harald Hammarström, Arthur Holmer, Niklas Johansson, Madzhid Khalilov, Edin Kuckovic, Filip Larsson, Tamar Lomadze, Mikael Novén, Ante Petrović, Erich Round, Revaz Tchantouria, Maka Tetradze, Larisa Tuptsokova, Karina Vamling, Briana Van Epps, Rob Verhoeven, Ola Wikander, Astrid Zimmermann.

DiACL - Diachronic Atlas of Comparative Linguistics



  • Offers various methods for investigating diversity, spread and contact of language and culture in (pre)history
  • Database with rich new data
  • Accessible to non-specialists but reliable enough to be used for research

Author Information

Gerd Carling, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden.

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Audience: Scholars and with an Interest in Linguistics, Anthropology, Culture Research, Human Ecology, Archaeology, History, Prehistory