Test Cover Image of:  Von der Dämonologie zum Unbewussten

Von der Dämonologie zum Unbewussten
From Demonology to the Unconscious: The Transformation of Anthropology around 1800

Die Transformation der Anthropologie um 1800

Edited by: Maren Sziede and Helmut Zander

As the science of man, anthropology was among the most exciting disciplines during the period of intense change from the early modern era to modernity. Where demons had once wielded their power, after 1800, it was now the unlimited shoals of the subconscious that were disseminated. Or did they actually stay right next to each other and within one another?


"Den Herausgebern ist ein kluges Buch gelungen, das wichtige Denkanstöße für zukünftige Diskussionen enthält"
Dirk Fleischer in: Das historisch-politische Buch, 2-2016, Seite 148

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