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Band 10,2 Bild - Ton - Rhythmus
Image, Tone, Rhythm

Many theoretical attempts have been made to understand audiovisual connections in terms of media and aesthetic genres, such as music video, dance, and opera. They have always focused on the interface between tones and images, the forms that link them, and montage. This volume takes a step forward in describing their reciprocal relationship by examining several detailed case examples in terms of their similarities and differences.

  • Verantwortlich für diesen Band: Yasuhiro Sakamoto, Reinhart Meyer-Kalkus
  • Mit Beiträgen von Karl Clausberg, Petra Kipphoff von Huene, Jean-Claude Schmitt u.a.
  • Neue Forschungen zu René Magritte, Stephan von Huene, Sergej Eisenstein

Audience: Image, music, and theater scholars