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Kriegstagebuch einer jungen Nationalsozialistin
The War Diary of a Young National Socialist Woman: The Notebooks of Wolfhilde von König, 1939–1946

Die Aufzeichnungen Wolfhilde von Königs 1939-1946

Edited by: Sven Keller

An IfZ Publication

This book documents 6 years of war, the destruction of her home city of Munich, her worries about her father and brother, the defeat and the first post-war months. It offers an authentic view of the war experiences of an adolescent and young woman who regarded herself as a committed National Socialist, and whose self-perception, thinking, and daily life were shaped by membership in the female branch of the Hitler Youth, the Bund Deutscher Mädel.

  • 630 diary entries provide insight into the daily life and self-perception of an adolescent molded by National Socialism

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Audience: Contemporary historians, National Socialism researchers, the interested lay public