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Teaching and Learning (Im)Politeness

Edited by: Barbara Pizziconi and Miriam A. Locher
This collection combines research from the field of (im)politeness studies with research on language pedagogy and language learning. It aims to engender a useful dialogue between (im)politeness theorists, language teachers, and SLA researchers, and also to broaden the enquiry to naturalistic contexts other than L2 acquisition classrooms, by formulating 'teaching' and 'learning' as processes of socialization, cultural transmission, and adaptation.

Author Information

Barbara Pizziconi, SOAS, University of London, UK; Miriam A. Locher, University of Basel, Switzerland


"In sum, this book breaks new ground in illuminating the largely unexamined interface between (im)politeness research and language learning/pedagogy. The eclectic nature of the collection affords it wide-ranging relevance, engaging policy makers, researchers in linguistic (im)politeness, language pedagogy specialists, and classroom practitioners alike. It will serve as an ideal springboard for further dialogue into this fascinating and important area of study."lan Walkinshaw in: Journal of Politeness Research 2017; 13(1): 169—173 "I highly recommend this book for researchers and graduate students in the fields of first/second language pragmatics, (im)politeness research, and second language acquisition and pedagogy."Wei Ren in: LINGUIST List 27.4143
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Audience: Scholars and Postgraduate Students in Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis