Test Cover Image of:  Chruschtschows Westpolitik 1955 bis 1964

Band 2 Anfangsjahre der Berlin-Krise (Herbst 1958 bis Herbst 1960)
The Early Berlin Crisis Years, 1958–1960

Edited by: Gerhard Wettig
An IFZ Publication
Published for the first time, Khrushchev’s secret conversations, consultations, and notes during the early phase of the Berlin Crisis that he initiated show us a politician filled with strong emotions who aimed at the domination of West Berlin and the “ruin” of NATO, thereby openly challenging the Western powers. However, he was not ultimately prepared to risk the nuclear war he had threatened.
Khrushchev’s road to open confrontation with the West Accessible for the first time, Soviet sources furnish new insights into Khrushchev’s Berlin policy

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Audience: Historians, contemporary historians, East Germany researchers