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Anaphora Resolution and Text Retrieval

A Linguistic Analysis of Hypertexts

VFI Foundation Award 2013

This book covers anaphora resolution for the English language from a linguistic and computational point of view.
First, a definition of anaphors that applies to linguistics as well as information technology is given. On this foundation, all types of anaphors and their characteristics for English are outlined. To examine how frequent each type of anaphor is, a corpus of different hypertexts has been established and analysed with regard to anaphors. The most frequent type are non-finite clause anaphors - a type which has never been investigated so far. Therefore, the potential of non-finite clause anaphors are further explored with respect to anaphora resolution. After presenting the fundamentals of computational anaphora resolution and its application in text retrieval, rules for resolving non-finite clause anaphors are established.
Therefore, this book shows that a truly interdisciplinary approach can achieve results which would not have been possible otherwise.

Open Access:
In July 2019, this volume was retroactively turned into an Open Access publication thanks to the support of the Fachinformationsdienst Linguistik.

Author Information

Helene Schmolz, Passau University, Germany.


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Audience: (Computational) Linguists, English Studies Scholars, Institutes, Libraries.