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Magneto-Active Polymers

Fabrication, characterisation, modelling and simulation at the micro- and macro-scale

From fabrication to testing and modeling this monograph covers all aspects on the materials class of magneto active polymers. The focus is on computational modeling of manufacturing processes and material parameters. As other smart materials, these elastomers have the ability to change electrical and mechanical properties upon application of magnetic fields. This allows for novel applications ranging from biomedical engineering to mechatronics.
  • First coverage of fabrication processes, characterization tools and methods to model properties of magnetic elastomers.
  • Documents results of ERC grant MOCOPOLY.
  • Rich in multi-physics (electrodynamics, mechanics of soft matter) on a multi-scale.

Author Information

Jean-Paul Pelteret, Paul Steinmann, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

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Audience: Scientists and Engineers in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry and Mechatronics.