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The Biology of Arid Soils

Edited by: Blaire Steven
With contributions of: Anita J. Antoninka, Doreen Babin, Felipe Bastida, Matthew A. Bowker, Burkhard Büdel, Don A. Cowan, Storme Z de Scally, David J. Eldridge, Carlos Garcia, T. G. Allan Green, Michael Hemkemeyer, Teresa Hernandez, Gary M. King, Jose Luis Moreno, Cedric Ndinga Muniania, Andrea Porras-Alfaro, Geertje J. Pronk, Sasha Reed, Kornelia Smalla, Blaire Steven, Christoph C. Tebbe and Terry J. Torres-Cruz

Soils have been called the most complex microbial ecosystems on Earth. A single gram of soil can harbor millions of microbial cells and thousands of species. However, certain soil environments, such as those experiencing dramatic change exposing new initial soils or that are limited in precipitation, limit the number of species able to survive in these systems. In this respect, these environments offer unparalleled opportunities to uncover the factors that control the development and maintenance of complex microbial ecosystems. This book collects chapters that discuss the abiotic factors that structure arid and initial soil communities as well as the diversity and structure of the biological communities in these soils from viruses to plants.

  • The only book that looks across different levels of biology and environments in arid soils as well as linking these to initial soils
  • Full color illustrations

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Blaire Steven, New Haven, CT, USA.

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Audience: Research scientists and graduate students in microbiology, geomicrobiology, ecology, environmental sciences.