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With applications in quantum field theory, general relativity and elementary particle physics, this three-volume work studies the invariance of differential operators under Lie algebras, quantum groups and superalgebras. This second volume covers quantum groups in their two main manifestations: quantum algebras and matrix quantum groups. The exposition covers both the general aspects of these and a great variety of concrete explicitly presented examples. The invariant q-difference operators are introduced mainly using representations of quantum algebras on their dual matrix quantum groups as carrier spaces. This is the first book that covers the title matter applied to quantum groups.

Quantum Groups and Quantum Algebras
Highest-Weight Modules over Quantum Algebras
Positive-Energy Representations of Noncompact Quantum Algebras
Duality for Quantum Groups
Invariant q-Difference Operators
Invariant q-Difference Operators Related to GLq(n)
q-Maxwell Equations Hierarchies

Author Information

Vladimir K. Dobrev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.


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Audience: Researchers in Mathematics and Mathematical and Theoretical Physics.