Test Cover Image of:  Chruschtschows Westpolitik 1955 bis 1964

Band 1 Außenpolitik vor Ausbruch der Berlin-Krise (Sommer 1955 bis Herbst 1958)
Foreign Policy Prior to the Outbreak of the Berlin Crisis (Summer 1955 to Autumn 1958)

Edited by: Gerhard Wettig
An IFZ Publication
Published for the first time, Khrushchev’s secret conversations, consultations, and notes document his attitude toward the West. A key issue in the period under consideration was the fate of East Germany. Other important issues include the disarmament overtures made toward the US/NATO, efforts to form an “anti-imperialist” front with the nations of the Third World, and Khrushchev’s support for anti-colonialist forces.
History of the lead-up to the Berlin Crisis Newly accessible Soviet sources provide new insight into Khrushchev’s Western policy

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Audience: Historians, contemporary historians, researchers on East Germany