Test Cover Image of:  Fotografie und Gesellschaft

Fotografie und Gesellschaft

Phänomenologische und wissenssoziologische Perspektiven

Series: Sozialtheorie
Edited by: Thomas S. Eberle
In collaboration with: Niklaus Reichle

Photography has remained a neglected topic in the social sciences, although its meaning for contemporary society has grown dramatically. This volume fills that gap: with analyses not only of image interpretation, but also of the photographers' actions per se as well as the confrontation with photos. The contributions on the photo-practice of laymen and professionals, the transition from analog to digital photography, taking pictures with smartphones and photo-apps, the treatment of photo albums, and on the ways that media use photos are not only intended for social, media, and cultural scholars, but for everyone interested in photography.


»Die breitgefächerten Themen dieses schönen Sammelbandes bilden den aktuellen Stand der Forschung ab und machen [ihn] zu einem echten akademischen Arbeitsbuch.«
www.kulturbuchtipps.de/www.kulturthemen.de, 12.04.2018

»Eine reichhaltige, vielfältige und instruktive Palette an unterschiedlichen wissenssoziologischen und (sozial-)phänomenologischen Beiträgen zum Umgang mit der Fotografie.«
Carsten Heinze, [r:k:m], 02.02.2018

»Lesens- und kaufenswert!«
Thomas Feltes, Polizei-Newsletter, 5 (2017)

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Edition: 1. Aufl.
Audience: Professional and scholarly;