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Simulation in der Geburtshilfe
Simulation in Obstetrics

Edited by: Franz Kainer and Christoph Scholz
With contributions of: Karin Becke, Norbert Pateisky, Tanja Manser, Herbert Heidegger, Sandra Girardi, Jens-Christian Schwindt, Christiane Schwarz, Benedikt Sandmeyer, Thomas Kieber, Bernd Landsleitner, Kerstin Danzer, Michael Schroth, Silke Reddersen, Stefan Hutter, Elsa Hollatz-Galuschki and Peter Widschwendter
This book is a practical introduction to simulation in every area of obstetrics. Midwives, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, and gynecologists will obtain well-grounded insight into different models of obstetrical simulation training and gain practical information through case examples.
Illustrates the practical application of obstetrical simulation Includes numerous case examples Offers videos to demonstrate different simulation scenarios (high fidelity simulation and simulation in one’s own hospital)
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Audience: Gynecologists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, midwives