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Melchizedek Passages in the Bible

A Case Study for Inner-Biblical and Inter-Biblical Interpretation

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Melchizedek is a mysterious figure to many people. Adopting discourse analysis and text-linguistic approaches, Chan attempts to tackle the Melchizedek texts in Genesis 14, Psalm 110, and Hebrews 5-7. This seminal study illustrates how the mysterious figure is understood and interpreted by later biblical writers, "... Using the “blessing” motif as a framework, Chan also argues that Numbers 22-24, 2 Samuel 7 and the Psalter: Books I-V (especially Psalms 1-2) provide a reading paradigm of interpreting Psalm 110. In addition, the structure of Hebrews provides a clue to how the author interprets the Old Testament texts.

Melchizedek, Biblical Interpretation, Inner-Biblical Interpretation

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Alan Kamyau Chan, Logos Theological Seminary,Waukegan, IL, U.S.A.


"In sum, this book shows how new methods, if carefully selected and clearly presented, as is the case here, can indeed contribute to a more nuanced understanding of a familiar theme such as the divine messianic sonship of the letter of Hebrews echoing various aspects of the Old Testament reworking of the king-priest figure Melchizedek and his relation to Abraham. This book is highly recommended to everyone interested in inner- and inter-biblical interpretation."
Agustinus Gianto in: CrSt 39 (2018), 301-302


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Audience: Biblical scholars, Old Testament scholars on the Use of the Old Testament in the Old Testament