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Word Knowledge and Word Usage

A Cross-Disciplinary Guide to the Mental Lexicon

Edited by: Vito Pirrelli, Ingo Plag,  and Wolfgang U. Dressler

Word storage and processing define a multi-factorial domain of scientific inquiry whose thorough investigation goes well beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplinary taxonomies, to require synergic integration of a wide range of methods, techniques and empirical and experimental findings. The present book intends to approach a few central issues concerning the organization, structure and functioning of the Mental Lexicon, by asking domain experts to look at common, central topics from complementary standpoints, and discuss the advantages of developing converging perspectives. The book will explore the connections between computational and algorithmic models of the mental lexicon, word frequency distributions and information theoretical measures of word families, statistical correlations across psycho-linguistic and cognitive evidence, principles of machine learning and integrative brain models of word storage and processing. Main goal of the book will be to map out the landscape of future research in this area, to foster the development of interdisciplinary curricula and help single-domain specialists understand and address issues and questions as they are raised in other disciplines.


Author Information

Wolfgang Dressler, Universität Wien; Vito Pirrelli, National Research Council, Pisa; Ingo Plag, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf.


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Audience: Young Scholars with Interdisciplinary Interests, Specialists interested in Interdisciplinary Cooperation, Non Specialists