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Change of Paradigms – New Paradoxes

Recontextualizing Language and Linguistics

Edited by: Jocelyne Daems, Eline Zenner, Kris Heylen, Dirk Speelman, and Hubert Cuyckens
In Paradigm and Paradox, Dirk Geeraerts formulated many of the basic tenets that were to form what Cognitive Linguistics is today. Change of Paradigms –New Paradoxes links back to this seminal work, exploring which of the original theories and ideas still stand strong, which new questions have arisen and which ensuing new paradoxes need to be addressed. It thus reveals how Cognitive Linguistics has developed and diversified over the past decades.

Author Information

Laura A. Janda, University of Tromsø, Norway; Arie Verhagen, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
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