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Ecclesia disputans
Ecclesia Disputans: Religion and Politics in the Conflict Resolution Practices of Pre-Modern Synods

Die Konfliktpraxis vormoderner Synoden zwischen Religion und Politik

Edited by: Christoph Dartmann, Andreas Nikolaus Pietsch and Sita Steckel
In the Latin Church, synods were places to seek religious truth but also political events with their own rules for conflict resolution. This volume discusses the dynamics of religion and politics in synods from late antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the early modern era, combining research on the history of ecclesiastical councils, conflict management and legal and political decision-making in the premodern era.


"Prendre connaissance du riche contenu des neuf contributions procure un vrai plaisir intellectuel. Ces recherches qui touchent trois domaines (la théologie, la loi et la politique) sont valables et fructueuses et doivent être continuées."Monique Vleeschouwers-Van Melkebeek in: Le Moyen Age 123/3-4 (2017), 647-648
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Audience: Historians specializing in ancient and medieval history, the early modern period, history of religion