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Environmental Toxicology

Series: De Gruyter STEM
Edited by: Luis M. Botana
With contributions of: Natalia Vilarino, Ines Rodríguez, Amparo Alfonso, Carmen Alfonso, Alvaro Antelo, M. Carmen Louzao, Paula Abal, Carmen Vale González, Andrea Boente Juncal, Aida González Méndez, Eva Alonso, Rebeca Alvarino, Eva Cagide, Mercedes Álvarez, Maria J. Sainz, Jesús M. González-Jartín, Olga Aguín, J. Pedro Mansilla and Ana M. Botana
Organic and inorganic chemicals frequently exhibit toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, or sensitizing properties when getting in contact with the environment. This comprehensive introduction discusses risk assessment and analysis, environmental fate, transport, and breakdown pathways of chemicals, as well as methods for prevention and procedures for decontamination.
Covers environmental systems of soil, water and sediment, as well as organisms and human beings. Gives an interdisciplinary perspective on the topic.

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Luis M. Botana, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
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Audience: Students and researchers in Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Toxicology, and Biotechnology.