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Grundlagen und Anwendungen mit MATLAB®

The principles of biosignal processing and its practical applications are explained using MATLAB. Topics include the emergence of biosignals, electrophysiology, analog and digital biosignal processing, discretization, electrodes, time and frequency analysis, analog and digital filters, fourier transformation, z-transformation, pattern recognition, statistical data analysis, physiological modelling and applications ( EEG, EKG, EMG, PPG).

Explains the fundamentals of continuous and discrete biosignal processing with applications in MATLAB. With supplementary materials including analog circuits and simulations in PSpice, excercises and MATLAB scripts, and movies.

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For bioengineering students, medical technologists, physicians, developers of medical devices.


"The book ‘Biosignalverarbeitung' is an interesting and useful textbook, but also a good reference source for readers with practical experience in the expanding field at the border between medicine and technology/physics. The book is written by experienced professors at well known Hochschulen in Germany. It keeps a high quality not only in the running text but also in the illustrations and in the general lay-out which are both pleasant and attractive. Repetition questions and exercises are added to all chapters and are also of high quality and rewarding to study".
Prof. em. Dr . Anders Johnsson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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Audience: Für Studierende der Bioverfahrenstechnik, Medizintechnik, Physik und für Entwickler medizinischer Geräte.