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Software Ergonomics: Theories, Models, and Criteria for User-Friendly Interactive Computer Systems

Theorien, Modelle und Kriterien für gebrauchstaugliche interaktive Computersysteme

The book provides a scientifically rigorous yet highly readable introduction to software ergonomics. It systematically discusses the essential theories, models, and criteria for user-friendly computer applications. To this end, it draws from the basic principles of ergonomics, psychology, and computer science and presents them with a focus on implementation. The 4th edition has been expanded with a chapter on sensorimotor function and perception.

  • Interdisziplinäres, wissenschaftliches, umsetzungsorientiertes Werk.
  • Das perfekte Begleitbuch für Lehrmodule der Software-Ergonomie und Mensch-Computer-Interaktion.
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Edition: 4th expanded and updated edition
Audience: Studierende der Informatik, Psychologie, Design und Arbeitswissenschaften, Software-Entwickler, Berater.