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Künstliche Intelligenz für Ingenieure
Artificial Intelligence for Engineers: Methods for Solving Engineering Problems using Rules, Logical Formulas, and Bayesian Networks

Methoden zur Lösung ingenieurtechnischer Probleme mit Hilfe von Regeln, logischen Formeln und Bayesnetzen

The author provides an extensive introduction to designing and implementing "intelligent systems" using the methods of artificial intelligence combined with proven engineering methods. This third edition enhances, extends, and expands the presentation of the methods, examples, practice exercises, and solutions given in the appendix.

  • Based on 20 years of teaching experience at a number of German universities
  • Containing 194 figures, 60 examples, and 120 practice exercises as well as an introduction to the programming languages LISP and PROLOG


„Die Einführung ist abgerundet und ansprechend."
Prof. Dr. Uli Schell, HS Kaiserslautern

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Edition: 3rd updated edition
Audience: For students of engineering and computer science as well as engineers in practice