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Symbolism 16

Series: Symbolism, 16
Edited by: Rüdiger Ahrens, Florian Kläger and Klaus Stierstorfer
In collaboration with: Keith A. Sandiford
Essays in this special focus constellate around the diverse symbolic forms in which Caribbean consciousness has manifested itself transhistorically, shaping identities within and without structures of colonialism and postcolonialism. Offering interdisciplinary critical, analytical and theoretical approaches to the objects of study, the book explores textual, visual, material and ritual meanings encoded in Caribbean lived and aesthetic practices.

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Rüdiger Ahrens, Uni Würzburg, Germany; Florian Kläger, Uni Bayreuth, Germany; Klaus Stierstorfer, Uni Münster, Germany.
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Audience: Scholars of Literary Studies, Cultural Studies and Caribbean Studies.