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A Genius Planet

Energy: From Scarcity to Abundance – a Radical Pathway

Energy in abundance

Imagine a world where the power is always on, where there is not just enough energy, but an abundance of it. Such a world is no Utopia, it is a possible reality. Using indefinitely available sources of energy – especially photovoltaic solar, in combination with others – and networking this energy, much in the way that we have networked information, we can get beyond our current energy ‘crisis’ and resolve it. The world we then find ourselves in is not a world without problems – we will face new challenges on the way – but in terms of energy it is a world of plenty. Rooted in sound theory and based on technology that is available now, A Genius Planet offers an accessible but detailed and insightful perspective on how we can free ourselves from our dependency on natural resources and generate, trade, and use energy in ways that open up the genuine potential that we have at our disposal today.

  • Rational optimism as a way out of the energy crisis
  • Reasoned and easy-to-understand proposals for a new debate
  • Architecture and society in the post-industrial era

Author Information

Ludger Hovestadt, ETH Zurich. Vera Bühlmann, TU Vienna. Sebastian Michael, London

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Audience: Architekten, Informatiker, professionell Kreative, Studenten und interessierte Laien