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Minnerede: A Selected Edition


Edited by: Iulia-Emilia Dorobantu, Jacob Klingner,  and Ludger Lieb
Open Access

This edition offers a representative selection of Minnereden texts, structured along the lines of genre typology. The 56 texts – altogether approx. 10,250 verses – are edited from different reference manuscripts. A critical apparatus documents editorial decisions and parallel transmission, while a seperate linguistic commentary offers help with translation.

  • Offers the first representative typology of the genre
  • Edited using the reference manuscript method with variant apparatus and linguistically oriented textual commentary
  • Available as an open access e-book and in a paperback edition

Author Information

Iulia-Emilia Dorobantu, Würzburg, Germany, Jacob Klingner, Berlin, Germany and Ludger Lieb, Heidelberg, Germany.


"This is a volume which every serious student of German literature will need to posess." Nigel F. Palmer in Medium Aevum LXXXVI (2017).


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Audience: Literary and cultural scholars, historians, theologians, students of German studies