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Fortunatianus redivivus
Bishop Fortunatianus of Acquleia’s Commentary on the Gospels

Bischof Fortunatian von Aquileia und sein Evangelienkommentar

Edited by: Lukas J. Dorfbauer
Together with: Victoria Zimmerl-Panagl

This volume includes papers presented at the September 2015 international conference in Salzburg entitled "Forunatianus Redivivus," which focused on the commentary on the gospels by Bishop Forunatianus of Acuileia, first discovered in 2012. To supplement the first edition (CSEL 103), these papers examine this major "new" text, so extraordinarily important for patristics, from the perspectives of philology, theology, and historiography.

Author Information

Lukas J. Dorfbauer, University of Salzburg - CSEL; Salzburg/Vienna, Austria.


"This is a ground-breaking, well-edited book that will be of interest to all who study the fourth-century West."
B. Haggh-Huglo in: Bulletin Codicologique 2017, 2; 146
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Audience: Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken und Institutionen (Klassische Philologie; Theologie; Patristik)