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Gruppieren, Interferieren, Zirkulieren

Zur Ökologie künstlerischer Praktiken in Medienkulturen der Gegenwart

Edited by: Maximilian Linsenmeier and Sven Seibel

In the arts, digital media cultures have led to the formation of novel configurations that can essentially be identified as relationships of exchange for heterogeneous fields of praxis. Artistic processes have developed which possess neither a secured institutional location, nor a media framework. Instead, the conditions of their production and experience are characterized by movements of translating, of circulating, of intervening and grouping. From various perspectives (film, dance, theater and media studies), the contributors to this volume develop methodologies and concepts for describing these process-oriented aesthetic approaches.


»Eine Publikation [...], die ihre Gegenstände weitgefasst an den eigenen theoretischen Prämissen misst und so aufzeigen kann, welche Dimensionen zeitgenössische künstlerische Praktiken einnehmen können.«
Angelika Krewani, MEDIENwissenschaft, 1 (2020)

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