Test Cover Image of:  The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants / L’intégration linguistique des migrants adultes

The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants / L’intégration linguistique des migrants adultes

Some lessons from research / Les enseignements de la recherche

Edited by: Jean-Claude Beacco, Hans-Jürgen Krumm, David Little, and Philia Thalgott
On behalf of Council of Europe / Conseil de l’Europe
This volume provides a comprehensive report on a symposium organised by the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) in 2016 in the context of its human rights agenda. Its purpose was to explore some of the ways in which scientific evidence can inform the development and implementation of policy and practice designed to support the linguistic integration of adult migrants. La présente publication rend compte d’un symposium organisé en 2016 par le Conseil de l’Europe, à Strasbourg, dans le cadre de ses programmes sur les droits de l’homme. L’objectif de ce symposium était d’explorer comment les apports de la recherche scientifique peuvent orienter l’élaboration et la mise en œuvre de politiques et de pratiques destinées à favoriser l’intégration linguistique des migrants adultes.

Author Information

J.-C. Beacco, Université Paris 3; H.-J. Krumm, Universität Wien; D. Little, Trinity College; P. Thalgott, Council of Europe.


"[...] The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants offers an up-to-date view of the complex field of language acquisition policy and practice in Europe. The volume highlights important ethical and practical quandaries, particularly related to the use of language proficiency testing as a gatekeeper for residency and citizenship. The book’s primary value is as a springboard for further research and the development of context-specific standards, curricula, targeted instruction, and fair and valid assessment procedures. As the concluding chapter highlights, much work clearly remains to be done in this area."Melissa Hauber-Özer in: LINGUIST List 29.2401, 11.12.2017 https://linguistlist.org/issues/29/29-2401.html
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