Test Cover Image of:  Transatlantic Democracy in the Twentieth Century

Transatlantic Democracy in the Twentieth Century

Transfer and Transformation

Edited by: Paul Nolte

A Publication of Historisches Kolleg

Transatlantic democracy in the 20th century - this concept goes beyond the idea of an American civilizing mission in Europe after two World Wars, and certainly beyond the notion of re-educating Germans, and making them fit for Western institutions after Nazism. As democracy is being contested anew in the beginning of the 21st century, a much more complicated landscape of democracy since 1900 emerges. Transfer was not a one-way-street, and patterns of conflict and transformation affected both American and European political societies. American democracy may not be reduced to a resilient defense of original traditions, while the narrative of German democracy is more than redemption from catastrophe. The essays in this volume contribute to a new history of transatlantic democracy that accounts for its manifold experiences and constant renegotiations, up to the current challenges of American and European populism.

Author Information

Paul Nolte, Freie Universität Berlin.

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Audience: Democracy research; Europe; transatlantic history; USA