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Wafer Fabrication

Automatic Material Handling System

Together with: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
This book systematically introduces modeling, performance evaluation and applications of Automatic Materiel Handling System (AMHS) in semiconductor manufactucing, and focuses discussion on the coordination of two subsystems. Resources dispatch and optimization are conducted on operational research combined with cases studies. Written in a practical way, it is an essential reference for researchers and engineers in manufacturing and management.
Presents mathematical foundations of intelligent manufacturing system. Explores dispatch methods at local and system level. Illustrates theories via case studies.

Author Information

Jie Zhang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China


Table of content:Chapter 1 Wafer fabrication system-semiconductor manufacturing, process, manufacturing system, machining system, dispatchChapter 2 Automatic Materiel Handling System (AMHS) in wafer fabrication-development, sub-systems, layout, featuresChapter 3 AMHS modeling-modeling based on network flow, queueing theory, Mathematical Programming model, Markov model, Simulation Model, Petri network modelChapter 4 AMHS performance analysis-description of the running of AMHS, frequently-used analytical methods, extended Markov model, performance analysis based on extended Markov modelChapter 5 AMHS dispatch-dispatch based on Heuristic Rules, operational research, intelligent algorithmChapter 6 Dispatch of Interbay handling system-methods, model, structure, dispatch based on Complex Heuristic RulesChapter 7 Dispatch of Intrabay handling system-dispatch based on GDP, Push-Pull theoryChapter 8 Dispatch at system level-dispatch based on PMPGA, GARL Complex Heuristic RulesChapter 9 Performance and evaluation-system performance modeling, modeling based on AOKCTP, performance analysis, case studies
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Audience: Researchers on advanced manufacturing and operational research, manufacturing engineers.