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VIS-A-VIS Medien.Kunst.Bildung
VIS-À-VIS – Media, Art, and Bildung: The Life Circumstances and Creative Potential of Digital Natives

Lebenswirklichkeiten und kreative Potentiale der Digital Natives

Edited by: Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss

Life and Work in the Future

In the not-too-distant future, automation of the working world will create economic, cultural, and social "voids." This compendium presents potential responses to this change by educational institutions in the areas of media, art, and design. The book is directed toward teachers and students in the arts, media studies, and cultural studies as well as decision-makers in the areas of culture and education.

  • Describes knowledge resources and teaching materials for future professionals in the media, arts, and education
  • Includes essays by renowned authors
  • Presents the proceedings of the three-day VIS-À-VIS Convention


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More by Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss
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Audience: Media artists, educators, curators, students