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Multiphysics Phase-Field Fracture

Modeling, Adaptive Discretizations, and Solvers

This monograph is centered on mathematical modeling, innovative numerical algorithms and adaptive concepts to deal with fracture phenomena in multiphysics. State-of-the-art phase-field fracture models are complemented with prototype explanations and rigorous numerical analysis. These developments are embedded into a carefully designed balance between scientific computing aspects and numerical modeling of nonstationary coupled variational inequality systems. Therein, a focus is on nonlinear solvers, goal-oriented error estimation, predictor-corrector adaptivity, and interface conditions. Engineering applications show the potential for tackling practical problems within the fields of solid mechanics, porous media, and fluidstructure interaction.

Author Information

Thomas Wick, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.
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Audience: Students and Researchers in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Materials Science.