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Doing Applied Linguistics

Enabling Transdisciplinary Communication

Edited by: Daniel Perrin and Ulla Kleinberger

How can students be empowered to communicate professionally – as translators, journalists and CCOs? How can professionals engaged in crucial language interactions do the same – pilots, nurses, lawyers and many others? This volume gives answers to these questions, providing insights into critical situations and good practices from many years of research and teaching in a practice-oriented, research driven School of Applied Linguistics.

  • points out the societal relevance of applied linguistics
  • builds upon 30 years of successful transdisciplinary university practice
  • inspires and facilitates the development of teaching methods based on research
  • Author Information

    Daniel Perrin and Ulla Kleinberger, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur, Switzerland.

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    Audience: Sprachwissenschaftler, Kommunikationswissenschaftler