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Contesting Religion

The Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia

Edited by: Knut Lundby
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As Scandinavian societies experience increased ethno-religious diversity, their Christian-Lutheran heritage and strong traditions of welfare and solidarity are being challenged and contested. This book explores conflicts related to religion as they play out in public broadcasting, social media, local civic settings, and schools. It examines how the mediatization of these controversies influences people’s engagement with contested issues about religion, and redraws the boundaries between inclusion and exclusion.

Lynn Schofield Clark, Professor of Media, Film, and Journalism at the University of Denver, Colorado, USA
Marie Gillespie, Professor of Sociology at the Open University, UK
Birgit Meyer, Professor of Religious Studies at Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Author Information

Knut Lundby, University of Oslo, Norway.


"The book is a rich source for further academic inquiry, opening up for possible new directions forward, empirically and theoretically in tune with challenges in contemporary Scandinavian society."
Tomas Axelson in: Nordic Journal of Religion and Society 32.1 (2019), 91-93

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Audience: Media and communication scholars, sociologists, and scholars of religion