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Aspects of Slavic Linguistics

Formal Grammar, Lexicon and Communication

Edited by: Olav Mueller-Reichau and Marcel Guhl

The present volume offers a selection of papers on current issues in Slavic languages. It takes stock of the past 20 years of linguistic research at the Department of Slavic Studies at Leipzig University. Within these two decades, the scientific writing, teaching, and organization done in this Department strengthened the mode of research in formal description of Slavic languages, formed another center for this kind of linguistic research in the world, and brought about a remarkable amount of scientific output. The authors of this volume are former or present members of the Department of Slavic studies or academic friends. Based on the data from East, West, and South Slavic languages, the papers tackle issues of all grammatical subdisciplines in current models of description, compare parts of the grammars of Slavic languages, explain categories and phrases in Slavic languages that do not exist in present-day Indogermanic languages of Western Europe, and propose ways how to update the standard of lexicography in still less described Slavic languages. A study of language competence is dedicated to the actual requests on heritage speakers and shows how their abilities can be evaluated.

Author Information

Olav Mueller-Reichau and Marcel Guhl, University of Leipzig, Germany.
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Audience: Linguists, Slavists, Students, Teachers