Test Cover Image of:  Internationales Jahrbuch des Deutschen Idealismus / International Yearbook of German Idealism

12/2014 Logik / Logic

Edited by: Dina Emundts and Sally Sedgwick

Volume 12 of the International Yearbook of German Idealism is dedicated to the theme of logic. The volume begins with essays on Kant. Kant acknowledges that there are various kinds of logic, and he considers it necessary to distinguish his transcendental logic from other kinds of logic. The contributions of E. Carson, T. Rosenkoetter, C. Tolley and G. Zöller discuss Kant on different kinds of logic, and they examine developments in the logic of his critical philosophy. Logic of course plays a central role in Hegel’s philosophy as well. Among the most important interpretative tasks is that of exploring the aim, structure and content of his logic. We include essays on Hegel’s logic by S. Houlgate, L. Illetterati, R. Pippin and P. Redding. The role of logic in the systems of Fichte and Schelling is less obvious. The contributions of C. Asmuth, A. Nuzzo and S. Schwenzfeuer are above all dedicated to determining the place of logic within the systems of the two philosophers. The essays of our authors A. Koch and P. Schwab take a more comparative look at the role of logic within German idealism as a whole.

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