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Optimal Structural Design

Contact Problems and High-Speed Penetration

This monograph studies optimization problems for rigid punches in elastic media and for high-speed penetration of rigid strikers into deformed elastoplastic, concrete, and composite media using variational calculations, tools from functional analysis, and stochastic and min-max (guaranteed) optimization approaches with incomplete data. The book presents analytical and numerical results developed by the authors during the last ten years.

  • A detailed presentation of applications of structural optimization techniques
  • Considers two concrete problems in contact mechanics and high-speed penetration
  • Both the analytical and the numerical aspects of the considered problems are covered

Author Information

Nikolay V. Banichuk and Svetlana Yu. Ivanova, Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia.


"The book is intended for graduate and postgraduate students in engineering and applied mechanics. Many examples of engineering problems for concrete structures as well as numerical computational results nicely illustrate the approach."
Stanisław Migórski in: Zentralblatt MATH 1384
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Audience: Researchers and graduate students in applied mathematics and mechanics.