Test Cover Image of:  Jewish Literatures in Spanish and Portuguese

Jewish Literatures in Spanish and Portuguese

A Comprehensive Handbook

Edited by: Ruth Fine and Susanne Zepp

This volume offers a thorough introduction to Jewish world literatures in Spanish and Portuguese, which not only addresses the coexistence of cultures, but also the functions of a literary and linguistic space of negotiation in this context. From the Middle Ages to present day, the compendium explores the main Jewish chapters within Spanish- and Portuguese-language world literature, whether from Europe, Latin America, or other parts of the world. No comprehensive survey of this area has been undertaken so far. Yet only a broad focus of this kind can show how diasporic Jewish literatures have been (and are)—while closely tied to their own traditions—deeply intertwined with local and global literary developments; and how the aesthetic praxis they introduced played a decisive, formative role in the history of literature. With this epistemic claim, the volume aims at steering clear of isolationist approaches to Jewish literatures.

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Ruth Fine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Susanne Zepp, Free University of Berlin, Germany.
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Audience: Cultural and Literary Studies specialists (Romance Studies, Comparative Literature, Jewish Studies)