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Ästhetik des Gemachten
Aesthetics of the Artefactual: Interdisciplinary Contributions to Animation and Comics Studies

Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung

Funded by: Volkswagenstiftung
Edited by: Hans-Joachim Backe, Julia Eckel, Erwin Feyersinger, Véronique Sina, and Jan-Noël Thon
Open Access

The aesthetics of animation and comics exhibit obvious parallels that have not yet received appropriate attention in the respective scholarly literatures. The contributions to the present volume examine the question of the specific quality, materiality, and aesthetics of animation and comic from a decidedly interdisciplinary perspective.


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Audience: Literaturwissenschaftler, Kulturwissenschaftler, Medienwissenschaftler