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Biomass and Biowaste

New Chemical Products from Old

Edited by: Alina M. Balu and Araceli García Nuñez

Valorization of biomass focuses on the transformation of biomass molecules into substitutes for petroleum-based chemicals that can be reused. Valorizing Biomass and Biowaste discusses the chemistry and composition of alternative biomass sources. Later chapters will introduce new markets and discuss efficient, green methods of process intensification and catalysis in order to increase conversion of biomass/biowastes.

Discusses the chemistry and composition of biomass from alternative sources

Presents products derived from biowaste that replace unsustainable products

Covers new, green methods of process intensification, catalysis, and other technologies

Author Information

Alina Mariana Balu, University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain.

Araceli García Nuñez, University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain.

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Audience: Scientist of green chemistry, industrial chemistry, materials science who wish to use green sources of chemicals