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Band 11 Gastrointestinal Disease and Its Treatment in Ancient Mesopotamia

An Edition of the Medical Prescriptions Dealing with the Gastrointestinal Tract

Funded by: European Research Council (ERC)
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Babylonian medicine is the most important corpus of ancient medicine prior to the Greeks. This volume provides a comprehensive picture of how gasrtrointestinal illness, jaundice and related fevers, as well as diarrhea were treated in ancient Mesopotamia. The editions include transliterations, straightforward translations and essential commentary, and are divided into three main sections: the standard corpus for the treatment of gastrointestinal illness in Royal Library in Nineveh (otherwise known as the sualu subcorpus), the related group of texts that attribute intestinal disturbances to malevolent ghosts and a third group of texts focused on diarrhea. In addition to the standard compendia, isolated precursor texts, which were incorporated into these compendia, are included here in appendices. This volume provides an overarching picture of the entire field of gastrointestinal illnesses and related conditions in ancient Mesopotamia.

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J. Cale Johnson and Markham J. Geller, Free University Berlin, Germany.

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Audience: All those interested in Ancient History, History of Science, History of Medicine, Assyriology, Semitic Languages