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Graffiti als Interaktionsform
Graffiti as a Form of Interaction: Engraved Inscriptions in the Homes of Pompeii

Geritzte Inschriften in den Wohnhäusern Pompejis

Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
The excavations at Pompeii have uncovered over 5600 graffiti carved into the walls of temples, shops, workshops, and homes. They range in type from literary verses, names, greetings, and messages to numbers and tally marks. For the first time, this book takes a comprehensive look at Pompeii’s never-before systematically researched graffiti to explore the nature of graffiti writing in ancient times.


"[...] [ein] großartige[s], material- und ergebnisreiche[s] Buch [...]"Josef Rabl in: Latein und Griechisch in Berlin und Brandenburg 62/3 (2018), 206-218

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Audience: Althistoriker, Archäologen, Epigrafiker.