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Sprache und Kognition
Language and Cognition: Event Conceptualization in German and Czech

Ereigniskonzeptualisierung im Deutschen und Tschechischen

Funded by: Institut für Deutsche Sprache

This book provides empirical experimental evidence (including tracking of eye movements) for the contingency of human cognition on the grammar of one’s native language. Using the example of Czech and German, it also demonstrates how prolonged language contact results in grammatical changes and how, in turn, such changes have a profound impact on cognitive, perceptual, and memory abilities.

Author Information

Barbara Mertins, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.


"Die Monographie liefert interessante empiriebezogene Ergebnisse, Beobachtungen und Thesen zu Sprache und Kognition, Zweitspracherwerb und Sprachkontakt und enthält eine Reihe von Impulsen zur weiteren Forschung." Andrzej Katny in: Applied Linguistics Papers 26/3: 2019, 105–109


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Audience: Scholars and advanced students in the fields of psycholinguistics, linguistics and language typology