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Green Chemistry in Industry

Edited by: Mark Anthony Benvenuto and Heinz Plaumann
With contributions of: Philip G. Jessop, Laura M. Reyes, Steven P. Kelley, Paula Berton, Andreas Metlen, Robin D. Rogers, Keith E. Gutowski, Philip G. Sliva, Raymond Neff, Agnieszka Gajewski, Pei-Yu Kuo, Ning Yan, Nicole Tratnik, Jing Luo, Steven J. Bachofer,  and Mark D. Lingwood
The “greening” of industry processes, i.e. making them more sustainable, is a popular and often lucrative trend which has emerged over recent years. The 3rd volume of Green Chemical Processing considers sustainable chemistry in the context of corporate interests. The American Chemical Society’s 12 Principles of Green Chemistry are woven throughout this text as well as the series to which this book belongs.
Explores topics in Green Chemistry from a corporate perspective. Considers the ecological and economical costs and benefits of chemistry research. Written by internationally renowned experts from both industry and academia.

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Mark Anthony Benvenuto and Heinz Plaumann, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, USA.
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Audience: Researchers and advanced students in Chemistry, Chemical Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science.